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Events Explained

The Club runs a number of competitive events. These range from gentle introductory Tyros, through to modified vehicle trails and challenge events. The following information gives an overview of the disciples, but is no means definitive. If you would like to find out more about the events then please contact one of the committee. For a comprehensive definition of the rules and regulations please refer to the ALRC Handbook.

As a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC), HBLRO offers events based on the rules of the Association. The rules are used to ensure events are run the same across all of the UK’s member clubs. Details of other ALRC affiliated clubs can be found on the links page.

There are a number of different events on offer such as Tyros, RTV, CCV, Team Recovery, Competitive Safari, Winch events and Gymkhana, but due to demand and vehicle suitability HBLRO concentrate on the following disciplines:

Tyro Trials (Tyro)
Road Taxed Vehicle Trials (RTV)
Cross Country Vehicle Trials (CCVT)

Tyro Trials

Tyro events provide an excellent starting point if you would like to try your Land Rover out off-road. These events are aimed at young drivers or novice drivers in newer vehicles, where gentle sections are taxing enough to get to grips with the car without inflicting damage (reckless driving aside).
One of the biggest bonuses of this type of event is that juniors can compete from the age of 13 (under our supplementary regulations) provided they are passengered by fully licensed driver with some off road experience.

The event comprises of a set of 8 sections. Each section has 12 pairs of markers or gates. Competitors attempt to drive between the gates without stopping or hitting a gate. Each pair of gates decreases in value from 12 to 1. The object is to get as far round the section as possible, ultimately receiving ‘0’ for an error free drive. Prizes are normally given out in Ladies, Men’s and Junior classes.

The sections are set out across open ground with the intention of testing driver and vehicle without the risk of damage. Varying terrain is used to test the drivers ability. This type of event gives a good introduction to the trials system of gates and scoring that is employed in both RTV & CCV events.

If you are interested in trying out your vehicle, be it a trusty off roader or Sunday best, come along and see for yourself. Check the calendar page for the next Tyro date.

Road Taxed Vehicle Trials

RTV trails are based on the same format as Tyros, with sections incorporating 12 gates, but a full driving licence must be held to drive. Similar types of vehicle e.g. long wheel base, short wheel base, coil sprung suspension & leaf sprung suspension are grouped together in classes. These classes ensure drivers compete against like vehicles creating a level system. At the end of the day prizes are awarded for 1st & 2nd place in each class. If vehicle numbers are low in certain classes, the club sometimes amalgamates smaller, but similar type, classes together.

The ground used in RTV is more challenging than in Tyro. Sections are set out to make the best use of terrain, calling on the drivers ability to read the route ahead and taking the correct line between gates. Balancing navigation, gear selection, speed and steering is not as easy as you might think, especially on steep climbs, in water & mud or in forested areas.

RTV vehicles are fairly standard, but the regulations do allow for some modification to be made, making them more capable off road. The ALRC publishes a handbook, detailing the vehicle modifications and exclusions for each model. A copy of the Handbook is available to all members of the club free of charge. As part of any of ALRC event, your vehicle will be checked for basic safety and it’s conformity to the vehicle class system. Scrutineers are always on hand to offer advise and guide prospective competitors on the suitability of their vehicle.

RTV trials are well suited to a majority of the Land Rover products. The courses are generally laid out with standard utility type vehicles such as Series, 90 and 110 with a few Range Rovers and Discovery’s thrown in for good measure. As later vehicles with side steps and front valences may struggle with approach angles and risk grounding, it’s best to come along and see for yourself how these type of events work before trying them out. Check the calendar page for the next RTV dates.

Guide to RTV Trials

Cross Country Vehicle Trials

CCV events are the most extreme for the trials disciplines, and as such vehicles require mandatory safety features. They do not need to be road taxed, but must have an approved roll cage and carry a fire extinguisher. Many competitors in this discipline prefer to setup their vehicles purely for this type of event, opting to trailer their competition motors to the event.

CCV sections utilise the hardest ground in terms of side slopes, climbs and obstacles. HBLRO run to run some CCV events over the year. Check the calendar page for the next CCV date.


Ever fancied driving blindfold, with only your passenger to guide you? Or balancing a vehicle on a see saw with a bucket of water on the bonnet trying not to spill any? Well the gymkhana could be for you! The club usually runs these events at the Bank Holiday meets. Fun challenges are set for teams that involve driving skill, but mainly lateral thinking. The events are laid out on open ground so are ideally suited for showroom type vehicles.

Check the calendar page for this years Gymkhanas and remember “More haste, less speed” is the best policy. (See the past photos for proof!)

Taking Part

To take part in RTV’s, CCV’s, Tyro’s and Gymkhana’s you will need to be a member of HBLRO in some capacity. Occasionally we have events which are open to members of any ALRC club, which are determined by the Supplementary Reg’s (SR’s).

To compete in either RTV or CCV you will need to be a full member, or an associate, and hold a full driving licence. For Tyro events a driving licence is not required as long as you have a full licence holder as a navigator. Tyro events are also open to junior membership holders.