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Club Committee

Got a query of question? Please feel free to drop one of the Club officials an email.

Niall BanyardChairman - Niall Banyard (Committee Post)

All round good egg who sweeps up all the issues everybody else forgets, acts as arbitrator and go between. Manages the clubs affairs, raises points of interest and discussion. Looks for new sites. Takes the grief when it all goes wrong and none of the glory when everything works just fine.

• Act as main contact point within the club
• Chair monthly committee meetings
• Chair any general/special meetings as necessary
• Delegate duties amongst the committee and officers as required
• Make annual trophy presentations

Director - Hants & Berks Land Rover Owners Club Ltd

Secretary - Claire Norman (Committee Post)

Keeping records of all correspondance into and out of the Club, writes formal letters on behalf of the Club, and notifies other clubs of our activities. Also the 'keeper and publisher' of the minutes of the AGM, SGMs and committee meetings. Arranges committee meetings and publishes the agenda.

• Act as main contact point outside of club
• Organise and attend monthly committee meetings
• Produce minutes and circulate to committee for approval
• Maintain records of all minutes for at least three years
• Organise any general/special meetings as required, produce minutes and circulate as required
• Deal with any correspondence received for the club and maintain records for at least two years
• In conjunction with Chairman/committee maintain club’s rules and regulations


Sarah DuffettTreasurer - Sarah Duffett (Committee Post)

Keeper of the purse, manages the accounts. Pays the bills and does the banking. Produces the auditable accounts at the end of the year. Arranges the insurances and makes sure we don't over spend.

• Maintain club accounts
• Deal with all cash and cheque income
• Pay invoices and maintain petty cash
• Responsible for bank account and ensuring correct signatories for club are within committee
• Send permits to MSA with correct fee after an event.
• Attend monthly committee meetings, reporting an up to date financial position
• Maintain club’s asset register
• Maintain club’s insurance policies and renewals
• Organise year-end audit
• Provide year-end financial statements for submission to Companies House and HMRC


Ashley BartlettCompetition Secretary - Ashley Bartlett (Committee Post)

Produces the competition calender. Co-ordinates the delivery of events with Comp Sec deputies and CoCs. Organises site permits and liaises landowners.

• Co-ordinate and maintain club calendar in agreement with committee
• Organise competitive events as required by the club calendar
• Obtain permits from ALRC and MSA as required for land use and camping permits
• Obtain “section 33” permits from local councils if event crosses public footpath
• Ensure competition trailer and necessary documentation is available for each event
• Ensure necessary officials are in place for each event and they know what is expected of them
• Ensure a full complement of members is in place to set up events in advance of the competition day
• Ensure other resources are booked for events as required, i.e. toilets, catering, first aid, etc.
• Maintain basic knowledge of ALRC/MSA rules and regulations and keep up to date with new ones as and when issued.
• Maintain club’s supplementary regulations.
• Produce results tables for inclusion in the club magazine
• Attend monthly committee meetings
• Promote and co-ordinate drive around days
• Search for new possible new sites to be used for club events

Membership Secretary - Phil Norman (Committee Post)

Dealing with membership queries, new member requests, renewals and newsletter distribution.

• Field any enquiries from prospective new members
• Process applications from new members and send out welcome letter, ALRC handbook and latest club magazine
• Maintain a database of all club’s members
• Maintain files of completed applications/renewal letters for at least two years
• Ensure renewal letters and reminders are sent out each month as required
• Ensure renewals are processed in a timely manner
• Ensure the committee approves applications for new memberships
• Distribute club correspondance
• Attend monthly committee meetings


Steve KirbyALRC Liaison - Steve Kirby (Committee Post)

Steve also looks after all things ALRC related. He is a member of the ALRC scrutineering committee making him an excellent source of info regarding vehicle classification.

• Liaise with the ALRC
• Attend ALRC council meeting
• Inform the Chairman and committee of any ALRC related issues


Russell SmithRights of Way Officer - Russell Smith (Committee Post)

Organising green lane trips. Keeping upto date on local and district council policy as well as official bodies such as LARA and GLASS. Liasing with HCC and organising clearance days.

• Organise green laning trips for and ensure they are posted on the club calendar
• Act as contact point for council liaison regarding rights of way issues, etc.
• Produce regular articles for the club newsletter about past/future events
• Bring relevant issues about land/lane access to the committee’s attention
• Attend monthly committee meetings


Camping and Social Secretary - Morgan Banyard (Committee Post)

Promoting the non competition social side of the club.

• Organise social events throughout the year as determined by the club calendar
• Collect monies from social events and camping events and pass to Treasurer for banking
• Produce articles for newsletter about past/future events
• Maintain club’s camping regulations
• Attend monthly committee meetings
• Ensure toilets and any other facilities are present at Spring & Summer Rally’s

Niall Banyard Saftey Officer - Niall Banyard

Advice on safety in motorsport. Heath & safety representative for the club.

• Liaise with Chairman and committee regarding all health and safety issues
• Maintain club’s risk assessments


Ian ParkerWeb Site Editor - Ian Parker (Club Officer)

Updating the web site, and adding as many incriminating photos as possible.

• Maintain club’s official website
• Retain copies of scorecards and official paperwork for at least two years


BlankSafeguarding Officer - Dave Wright

Liaison with the MSA on current safeguarding issues within motorsport. Documentation of the clubs safeguarding policy. A requirement of this post is for the person to have a CRB check undertaken by the MSA.

• Apply for Child Protection Licence
• Undergo a DBS check
• Maintain safeguarding policy
• Liaise with MSA regarding child protection issues
• Report any issues to the Chairman and committee


Vehicle Scrutineers - Russel Smith (Committe), Mark Ambler (Club Officer) & Andy Bunyan (Club Officer)

• Provide advice on vehicle safety and class eligibility to members either
• Maintain basic knowledge of ALRC/MSA rules and regulations and keep up to date with new ones as and when issued