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A brief history of the Club

Our Club was founded in 1983 some thirty years ago by a group of Rover enthusiasts in and around the town of Tadley in Northern Hampshire. The founders were drawn together as like-minded mortals for their appreciation of the unique qualities of the product of Lode Lane in Solihull.

Our membership base is in the region of 150 full members and many more associate, social and junior members.

Over the years, the membership of the Club has grown and the focus is now on the Land Rover and it's siblings. You don't need to own a Land Rover vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter, and you don't need to live in either of the counties. We have members all over the World. Owning a Land Rover is not essential to joining in the fun, however for the majority of events you will need one to compete.

We run a variety of 4X4 events and competitions, these are; Road Taxed Vehicle Trials (RTVs), Tyro Trials (for the novice), Cross Country Vehicle Trials (for the hardened enthusiast), Challenge events (a combination of winching and orienteering).

The Club has a Rights of Way team who organise green laning, maintain up to date copies of the definitive maps for as much of our area as possible, and is proactive in the sometimes controversial issue of vehicular rights of way

The Club has an active social side. Treasure hunts, skittles, quizzes and the like are regular features. We have monthly pub meets, for a noggin & natter. There are regular camping and caravanning weekends in association with vehicle trials. If you search our website you will see that are calendar is jam packed with events.

We encourage all of our members to get involved in as many activities off the road as they can. But you don’t have to feel the need to compete to be a part of the club, if you want you can marshal at events or help organise events for both civilian and military competitors.

So if you feel like joining a club that is friendly and sociable, that doesn't take life too seriously and whose main aim in life is to have fun, why not come and see us.

Following a Special General Meeting on the 27/08/06, and effective from that date, Hants & Berks Rover Owners will be known as Hants & Berks Land Rover Owners.