THE Club for Land Rover owners and enthusiasts in Hampshire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas

HBLRO was formed in 1983 by a group of Rover car owners. It developed over the years into a predominantly Land Rover orientated off-road club, and as its title suggests, the main catchment areas are Hampshire and Berkshire, but members are welcome from anywhere.

We are a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs ltd.All of our events are run under the Motor Sport Association permitting system.

COMPETITIVE EVENTS of various kinds are run as often as possible. These are RTV trials. RTV stands for Road Taxed Vehicle, and trials using these vehicles are among the cheapest forms of motor-sport available as you can take part using a standard road-legal vehicle. Tyro Trials for the novice, similar to RTV trials but not so difficult.Cross Country Vehicle Trails CCVs, for the hardened competitor The courses for the TRIALS consist of a series of "gates" defined by pairs of canes stuck in the ground to define the route. Drivers attempt to steer their vehicle through the gates without stopping or hitting any canes. It sounds easy but the ground can be bumpy, hilly, muddy or even partially flooded.
GREEN LANE TRIPS are run to various parts of Hampshire, Berkshire and surrounding counties. For the un-initiated green lanes are un-surfaced country roads and tracks that are legal to drive on but which often do not appear on normal maps.
ANNUAL AWARDS. We currently have an assortment of awards that are presented each year. These include the "Red Leader Shield" for the best aggregate performance of a leaf-sprung Land Rover, the "Pilot Trophy" for the best aggregate performance of a Range Rover, the Tyro trophy awarded to the best the junior driver for the year, "Member of the Year" for a non-committee member who has contributed most towards the running of the club, and "Wally of the Year" for the member of does the silliest thing throughout the year!!
SOCIAL EVENTS. We regularly have camping/caravanning weekends with BBQs and discos etc in our own marquee. Add to that pub quizzes, treasure hunts, skittles evenings, and dinner dances to provide a full social calendar.
PUB MEETS are held at the "Hoggs Lodge" Gravel Hill in Clanfield Petersfield Hants (grid ref SU714174) on the last Wednesday of each month. Meetings start around 7:30pm so come along and say Hello!
HBLRO is affiliated to the Association of Land Rover Clubs,(ALRC) the national body for Land Rover products. For ALRC information, call Steve Kirby on 0208 287 0377
MEMBERSHIP is £26 per year for Ordinary members, £6 for Associate members, £6 for Junior members and £4 for Social members. You will receive a bi-monthly magazine providing all the latest information on the club's activities. For membership information, call Jan Homewood on 07787 522057
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