HBLRO participates in the HCC 'Hampshire Paths Partnership' which is aimed at developing co-operation with voluntary organisations to assist in the mammoth task of maintaining access to our historic rights of way. More information about this and other rights of way related matters can be found at Hantsweb

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02 April 2014:
De-Regulation Bill

Some of you may have heard about The Deregulation Bill and how it might affect rights of way (Green Lanes).

The Bill (which is currently being discussed in the house of lords) is about simplifying processes and will enable Government to make changes to legislation. Part of the bill has a section in it regarding 'rights of way' that various anti 4x4 movements are trying to use to turn all BOATs and UCRs into Restricted Byways!

All very dull you may be thinking... well you need to wake up as if some of the decisions go the wrong way (for us) you can kiss goodbye to all your nice little weekend green laning trips as the countryside will be effectively closed to all motorised vehicles.

Currently our corner is being fought by various organisations including:
GLASS (Green Lane Association)
LARA (Land Access & Recreation Association)
TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship)
MSA (Motorsports Association)

However they need our help:-
- As a club we support GLASS through our membership fee with them
- As a club we are implementing an increase in the donation fee we ask for when you accompany us on our green laning days to £5 this will be passed to GLASS to aid the fight

As individuals we ask that you go to this web site and enter your post code to find you local MP. Once at your MP's page you have a 'send message' button, click the button and outline what using the green lanes means to you.As you are messaging your local MP you will be asked for your contact details also...

If we each do a little, we all do a lot


Congratulations you have arrived at the Hants & Berks Land Rover Owners green laning page.

I would imagine that you are surfing the web looking for routes, hints and tips for your up and coming green laning adventures, if so please read on...

It's worth noting straight off the bat that here in the South East there are some 34,000km of recorded Public Rights of Way. The travesty is that less than 5% of this is available for motorised users. It is therefore our duty to ensure that we make the most of this small amount in order to keep the lanes from becoming over-grown and impassable, and to demonstrate that there is a requirement for them to be preserved in there current legal state for our motoring pleasure.

A little back ground for you. Most of the routes are several centuries old and are in short what's left of the original 'ways' that our predecessors used to crisscross the UK. Some would also have been former cattle droves, abandoned turnpikes, winter routes (for when the main route was impassably muddy) and so on. More recently these routes have been classified into either footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways or byways open to all traffic.

The routes that we are permitted to drive on are the 'byways, open to all traffic' (or BOATs for short).

So before you start charging all over the countryside there are a few things that you need to know/consider.

Firstly you will need to plan your trip. The place to start is with an Ordnance Survey map (we find that the 'Explorer maps' are the best version) of the area you are intending to visit. You will need to study the map carefully and must be able to identify which routes fall into which category as driving on any route other than a BOAT is against the law.

The BOATs are usually marked with green 'plus' signs strung together (like this: +++++++). Please note however that whilst on your map the route may be shown as a BOAT the routes legal status may have changed since the printing of the map. Definitive maps showing the current status of your local routes are held by your local County Council.

Once you have chosen your route the next step is to check your vehicle over. Take a visual tour of your vehicle making sure that all is in good order, nothing is hanging off and the overall condition is good. It is important that your low/high gear ratio mechanism is in good order as we recommend low ratio when on the routes. Also check your 'diff-lock' (if you have one) is functioning correctly. A visual check on your coolant level is also a good idea as your speed will be low most of the time so airflow through the radiator will be slow and you may find your engine runs a little hotter than it usually does during normal road driving. Tyre pressures can be left at normal road levels.

Once you are happy that your ride is in good order we suggest that you load up with the following: a pair of wellies, some drinking water, a coat, a shovel, tow rope, your mobile phone and a few tools. It is also very important that you have a good spare tyre (that is at the correct pressure), jack and wheel brace. We also suggest that you have a few quid in your wallet and remember to check your fuel level as garages become a little more scarce in the countryside. It's also a good idea to stow away all 'loose' items in the car as things can sometimes get a little bumpy and you do not really need all your kit flying around when you are trying to drive!!

So now you're at the start of the lane. Select low ratio and off you go. Keep your speed down, keep your thumbs out of the inside of the steering wheel, give way to other users sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh and don't forget to take a look up every now and then as you will be passing through some of the most beautiful land in your local area.

Now for some boring stuff:

By definition BOATs are free to use by any member of the public. You do not need to be a member of a club or organisation to drive on them. However many of the laws applied to 'normal' roads also apply to BOATs. Your vehicle must be road taxed, have a current MOT and you must hold a UK driving licence appropriate for the vehicle you are using, you also need to have insurance. When your vehicle is in motion you need to be wearing your seat belt. The police also have 4x4 vehicles and enjoy green laning almost as much as we do, so do keep your eyes peeled and remember to give them a friendly wave if you happen to spot them.

Remember: when driving 'our' byways you become part of a 'community' of drivers who enjoy the pleasure of 'green-laning' and to ensure that you do not spoil it for the rest of us you need to abide by the law and you really should also abide by a voluntary code of conduct called the 'Drivers country side code of conduct'. Please remember that driving responsibly and treating other users and the land with respect will result in all of us being able to continue to have all this fun well into the future.

We also recommend that you 'green-lane' with more than one vehicle. However if you are going 'solo' tell someone which direction you are heading, what lanes you are planning on using and an approximate return time.

So why should you join the Hants & Berks Land Rover Owners club if all this laning is free ?

It's a great question, and here are some of the answers:-

- Off-roading is a very social affair and you will be joining a club full of like minded people who you can 'buddy' up with on your green laning trips.

- Amongst our members we have a significant amount of knowledge in terms of where the best lanes are.

- We also have a 'rights of way' officer who is up to speed with current lane status' and other important.information on which lanes can or cannot be used.

- We organise regular guided green laning trips taking in some of the best lanes in the area (see our calendar page)

- Laning with other vehicles is much safer than going out on your own as there is someone there to help in the event of a break down or just to give you a tow if your vehicle gets a little bogged down.

- Along with the green lane events we also organise off-road drive around/play days. These are events held on private land where you will find sections of more challenging terrain that you can use to really start to learn the full capabilities of your Land Rover.

- As our club is a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs we can also offer you competitive events. These are trials designed to test your driving skills to the absolute limit. You can find our more about these events here

- And if all this is not reason enough we are a friendly bunch enjoying all things Land Rover If you have any questions about our green laning days please feel free to contact our Rights of Way officer.

So if you want to join up just follow this link

National Green Lane Clearance Days
Twice per year we take part in the 'National green lane clearance' scheme. Regional green lanes that have become
over grown are targeted for a good old tidy up.

Below you will find reports and pictures of our previous efforts (please click the arrow button)
Ashmansworth (near Newbury)
Monxton (Andover area)
Shipton Bellinger (Salisbury Plain) visit 1

Shipton Bellinger (Salisbury Plain) visit 2
Worthy Down
February 27th: Denmead
October 8th: Droxford
October 25th: Colemore & Priors Dean
February 28th: Rotherwick
February 27th: Selbourne, Hampshire


Green laning reports (and pictures)

Wales Green Laning trip
May 1st: Laning in the Hindhead area (by Julian Mallard)
July 25th: Laning in the Petersfield area (by John & Norma Wheeler)
July 25th: Laning in the Petersfield area (by Julian Mallard)
Dec 30th: Laning on the Salisbury Plain (by Julian Mallard)
January 2nd: Laning over the Salisbury Plain (by Sean Comber)
April 25th: Laning in the Alton area (by Mark Greenwood)
May 1st: Laning in the Coombe Bissett (Salisbury) area (by Julian Mallard)
August 29th: Laning from West Meon to the HBLRO Summer Rally in Pangbourne (by Julian Mallard)
October 9th: Laning in the Salisbury area (by Christine & Mike Corner)
November 20th: Laning in the Hindhead / Frensham area (by Graham Naisbitt)
January 2nd: Christmas special over Salisbury Plain (by Julian Mallard)
May 15th: Laning South of Basingstoke (by Mick James)
August 28th: Laning in the Alton area (by Julian Mallard)
January 2nd: Christmas special over the Salisbury Plain & Imber (by Cary Osborn & Julian Mallard)
March 31st: Laning on the Salisbury Plain
May 6th: Laning in the Alton area
November 7th: Laning on the Salisbury Plain (Pepperbox Hill area)
December 30th: Christmast special over the Salisbury Plain
April 6th: Salisbury Plain (and beyond!)
May 5th: Laning in the Petersfield area


Fancy green laning in Wales... then read on

Wye Valley Green Laning organise regular off road tours in the Brecon Beacons area of South/Mid Wales.Over the last few years the County Council and user groups have put a lot of work into maintaining and way marking the fully legal lanes that cross the area and there are now some very interesting and scenic lanes that are well worth spending a weekend exploring.

Wye Valley Green Laning have put together an itinerary of the best which they can vary to suit the particular vehicles and capabilities of the people that come out with us. The routes usually start at Hay on Wye (home of the Wye & Welsh LRC Baskerville Challenge) and go north as far as Knighton exploring some of the well-known and not so well known routes through a mix of countryside which ranges from open moorland to wooded valleys and across streams and rivers.

If you are intersted in laning in this area or are planning a trip and looking for some advice on where to stay please feel free to contact.

Tony Smith
Wye Valley Green Laning Organisation

Green Lane news, comments and notices

Plain Watch. Help cut out off road abuse of Salisbury Plain
The Land Wardens and MOD Police on Salisbury Plain are actively promoting their Plain Watch initiative. In an effort to combat misuse of the plain from unlicensed vehicles and 'off piste' activity, they request that anything seen out there be reported on their 24hr incident line.
Plain Watch 01980 674700 / MOD Police 01980 674808. Keep em peeled....

Permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) looks set for East Meon BOAT 42
Hampshire County Council has made available the outcome of the Public Inquiry on East Meon BOAT 42 (Halnacker Lane). The inspectors recommendation is that the council proceed with the TRO.


BOAT Byway Open to All Traffic
DMMO Definitive Map Modification Order
HCAF Hampshire Countryside Access Forum
HCC Hampshire County Council
HPP Hampshire Paths Partnership
LARA Land Access and Recreation Association
NERC Natural Environment and Rural Communities (Act)
NGLD National Green Lane Day
RB Restricted Byway
RUPP Road Used as a Public Path
TRF Trail Riders Fellowship
TRO Traffic Regulation Order