HBRO Easter Rally

31st March - 1st April 2002 Wedgehill Farm Three Legged Cross

Green Laning
Out in the countryside with no roads in sight
Nice day for a paddle
"Go on it's not deep we just saw a new Range Rover go through there". Yeah right.....
A sight that is unfortunatly becoming more common
Barbed wire fence or hawthorn hedge? its your call.

Ever used maths whilst laning? V8+H2O = WD40

RTV Trial
Matt Hewitt gets air
John Beagly attacks the mud run
Even with Dirk Diggler super mud tyres you couldn't get out of that
Bob Davis hoping to get the wooden spoon award. Sorry Bob I couldn't resist.
Jim explaines it's not the length that counts it's the width
John Jennings on his way to 6th overall. No silverware this time!
If I was Mr Happy I wouldn't be smiling right now.
You've heard of train spotting, but collecting axle numbers is going a bit far
You can't be a real rabbit you're wearing trainers!
Driving Day
Lara Croft likes getting her tyres dirty
Stuck in a rut? Why not come along to an HBRO Scenic Drive
Bob tries and nearly succeeds to get the camera man dirty
Ed Ellis takes Mike Wood's 90 for a test drive
Discovery's make light work of the terrain
I cropped this pic down as Kiran complained my motor in the background spoiled the shot


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