HBRO Summer Rally

24th - 26th August Nellys Dell

Tina Corke negotiates a Tyro section
George takes command of the Ellis Rover
I recognise the back of that Disco. I spent 2 weeks following it round France. Wot no white smoke?
Nice Hertitage td5 90 takes the plunge
Phil Edwards on his way to sharing the top spot in the Gents class
Laura Wrightson runner up in the junior class

Zoe Raval Ladies class winner on nil poi?

Not another Homewood! This time Gary takes the prize for best junior.
QT Diff guards are all well & good, but it doesn't help much when the diff spits bits back out through the casing.
Paul takes up the challenge. He's going..
Klim Corke had a good day with a very respectable 9 claiming 2nd in class 5B

This one's for the Ladies. Go Dave go...

Jamie blows a front diff on the last section of the day. What a bummer..
Raval Junior and Senior attempt the climb to the 1 gate
The crowd can't wait for Bob's pearls of wisdow at the prize giving
Teflon John & Maximum Bob your hosts and general entertainers for the RTV
Mike Wood collects his class 4 win.
Teflon puckers up to congratulate Karen Duffet on her Girls Own RTV award
Tina lines up for the drop into the Dell
No problem. 'Can we do it again Klim oh please can we'

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