Froxfield RTV

11th May 2003

Froxfield Weekend 1st - 5th May

(And second time lucky weekend 9th - 11th May)

A small group of us had decided to camp from the Thursday evening for the Bank Holiday weekend at this new site. All looking forward to a full programme of events over the weekend and a couple of nights without the kids who were to be farmed out to grandparents so we could trial, we set up. There were 3 units set up Thursday night, and we were joined by several more over the weekend until there were 10 of us altogether.

However, Friday saw a turn of events that led to the cancellation of HBRO event activities. Not to be deterred, groups of us went greenlaning on Saturday and Sunday morning. Tricia and Phil led our group, with a trip around the Petersfield area. We did some superb lanes that were definitely more than just a trundle along a byway. I'm sure Lee and Tracey really enjoyed the day and are now definitely hooked on offroading. Sunday afternoon saw problems with out throttle cable, which resulted in the motor revving its nuts off (almost literally!). But a stop at the pub, two heads under the bonnet (thanks Lee), and some modifications, saw us on the way back to the campsite. Sunday afternoon and we were allowed back onto the trials site to do some setting out. And what a site! It was clear to see the potential that lies ahead with this new area.

Interspersed with all this activity was a BBQ on Saturday evening organised by Ed and Angela, cooked by Dennis and Bob, and supplied by Nick Jennings. Thanks to all for that! Preceding that was a birthday party for Klim, Devika, Amy and Chloe with face painting and more importantly (especially for Klim) cake.

Monday saw some more setting out, and then packing up to come home. But seeing as we had such a good time, Ed and Angela decided to camp all over again the following week. And as a bonus, we were to be able to use the land on the Sunday for a trial…………………………..

The following Friday, Tricia and Phil, Dennis and Maureen, Ed and Angela and me and Ian all set up camp again, joined by Roy and Sally on Saturday. There was setting out on Saturday, and thanks to Angela, we got to do this without Lewis and Daniel who got to go to Tesco and buy birthday cake instead (yes, more birthday cake!) Saturday evening and we all got together for a communal tea courtesy of chilli from Angela and chicken from Tricia and bits and pieces from everyone else (except Roy who had his own special tea - fussy pants). And yes, more birthday cake, this time for Ed and George, whose birthdays it was that day, and also Maureen, whose birthday was in the following week.

We were up bright and early (except Ian who didn't get in until 2.30am) ready for the day's trial. There were 18 entrants in the RTV. Not bad since there was only a weeks notice for the event. Despite the large number, being kept in one group, and limited marshals, the day ran smoothly (from an organisers point of view!). There was certainly a real mix of scores for the day.

Bravely (or stupidly) Klim had agreed to passenger me for this event. He seemed to fair quite well and either really enjoyed the day or hid his panic and fear particularly well. My dashboard will remain scarred for life though following one particularly good side slope. I'm not normally one for side slopes, but seeing as Klim was on the bottom, I didn't mine too much! I must thank him for taking the plunge and sitting beside me.

In all the two weekends were a credit to those who led greenlaning, organised camping, arranged BBQs and so on. Most of it was done on the spur of the moment so people had little time to plan and it just goes to show how the spirit of the club ensures we all get involved and have a good time, no matter what crops up.

As for the future of the club, Lewis and Daniel increasing play 'greenlaning' with their cars, with Ed in the 4 wheel drive Merc (sorry Ed, that's all they have got!) who frequently has to be pulled out from where he is well and truly stuck. I wonder where they get that from?

Sam Parker


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