The Club Xmas Extravaganza
The Grange Hotel Alton 2nd December 2000
The Pocock's start the proceedings with a fanfare
Ashley receives his 'Outstanding Achievement' Award.
Mandy's drawn to two of our more folically challenged members
As the night goes on Zoe's beer belly starts to take shape
I'm having trouble with these instructions
No it's OK everyone I've managed to inflate the balloon
'What, me?'
Bob Davis playing guess the cup size, whilst Maureen looks on in amazement
Not content with 3 courses Jeff goes for a tongue sandwich.
Mistic Pam reads Hugh's tie 'yes its definitely soup with a hint of turkey and sprouts'
Hugh has won the Pilot Trophy more times than Brazil have won the World Cup.
Carol can't help doing a Judy Finnegan
For all of you that don't know my name's Jeff and I'm from the West Country
'Does sir like a large portion', 'do you sir' 'suits you sir'
Nick takes precautions as a missile attack from table 5 is imminent The ladies find Hugh irresistible. Even when he's isn't wearing his 'touchy feely' jacket Jim finds a novel way of eating his starter
Zoe gets the 'horn' or is that antler!
Karen tucks into the chocolate mousse
Nick misread the Viagra dosage again

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