Brick Kiln Farm RTV

7th December 2003

Hugh and Sarah are the first to 'walk the plank'
Towing a dead vehicle around a sandy trial section. Not easy, but good entertainment
Ropes at the ready. Lets go!
Wayne takes it steady on reversing around the 'blind leading the blind' section
Interesting head gear Roy.
Team Fred recieve their instructions for walking the plank.

I count 15 fingers, what does that mean?

If we go fast enough we might just clear the pond
The Diff Busters achieved the best time on the plank section
Nick keeps Dave Walker in check with a spike and a club hammer.
Nick Woodage, HBRO's official carpenter presents the Diff Busters with the Chippy Challenge trophy
Bob looks a little worse for wear after the days physical activities
The Teams:
Diff Busters 1st with 60 points
Team Fred 2nd on 100 points
Com & co 3rd on 193 points
Collateral Damage (retired)

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