The Nick Woodage Chippy Challenge

1st October 2002

The HBRO Youth team (excluding Bob)
Team 'Were not going to break anything' from the Isle of Wight
Dennis is easy
Jeff being winched up on our first section. Is the solenoid supposed to be smoking Bob?
Buy this example from Trilers on Tow. It had only been reversed around the course 20 times
Bob & Ian driving, Jeff shouting the instructions. Now that's teamwork

To me to you, no hold it left a little

The boys from team F.A.R.T guide the load past the obstacles, whilst Tricia & Phil are reminded what paint drying looks like..
The I.O.W boys playing in Slab Common Lake
Go on have a go. Just leave your wallet on the shore this could be expensive
Non Stick Nick checks the workmanship on the Challenge Trophy
The Guys & girls of the winning Fareham And Reading Team
The Teams:
Fareham And Reading Team F.A.R.T 1st with 89 points
John, Nick, Klim, Tina, Hugh, Sarah, Chris & Sam
Diff Busters 2nd on 94 points
Ed, Mike, Gary, John, Adrian & Rob
Were not going to break anything on 193 points
Ian, Ray, Lee & Scott
HBRO Youth (except Bob) on 283 points
Bob, Devika, Kiran, Zoe, Ian, Sam, Jeff & Tracey
Mud Crusaders on 330 points
Bill, Hugh, Roger & Andy

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