HBRO Summer Rally

25th - 27th August 2001 Broxhead Common Bordon

Maurine and Jenny competing in the 'run around the Discovery game'
John at the wheel and Bob on the cookware
Can Zoe keep Nick's tool up all the way round the course?
Klim and Kiran. Overall winners of the Gymkhana
Zoe demonstrating good ball control
Nick J oversees proceedings
RTV Trial
Andy Bridger 1st Class 10
Angus clears this tricky section with ease
Hugh Duffett 2nd Class 4
Neil Thomlinson Class 4
Lee Kimber Class 5B
Simon says "Not walking the course can seriously damage your motor"
Sam Parker Class 4
Lee's cunning plan failed at the 10 gate
Nick VDB Class 4
Driving Day
There's a jate ring under here somewhere. Or at least there was last time I looked
Now would be a good time to try your winch sir!
Tracy attacks the mud run at speed. Watch that door pillar, opps too late!
Are we having fun yet?
If you see a camera speed up
A Suzuki shaped motor emerges from the mire
Training courses are available for novice drivers
Let's take another look at that from the front
Nice picture, shame about the mud bath I got as they went past


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