Sunday the 10th of October saw another successful Club driving day. All makes were invited to this open event, and a large number attended, from Suzuki SJ's, to Toyota Landcruisers, and of course the largest contingent was Landrover based. The course was set-out on the previous day by Nick Woodage, and his team of willing helpers. They produced a large 8 section course giving a main route round the Common with options to take difficult routes if you liked. The harder sections comprised of thick mud, axle twisters and gradients. As I marshalled section 3, I can tell you a little of what our team got up to. Our section comprised of three routes giving drivers the option of hard, medium and easy routes. The easy route was just a drive through to the next section. The moderate route gave drivers a taste of side slopes, weaving up and down a long bank. The hard route followed the path of a V shaped gully. The ground comprised of soft sand, and harder compacted sand and shingle, with the softer sandy areas. These were further compacted by vehicles, providing some excellent axle twisters. Throughout  the day drivers, would attempt the route with varying amounts of success as the following photo's show.

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All photographs Ian Parker 1999

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