HBRO Alpine Tour 2002 with Atlas Overland

Interested in an Atlas Overland Holiday then contact Dave Halliday on 01455 614519 or visit the web site http://www.atlasoverland.com

27th July - 10th August

Were all going on a Summer Holiday
2 weeks of light weight camping. Unfortunatly we exceeded the 'standard size requirements' as outlined by the European directive on tents
Right were here and you need to get to Joinville. Any ideas?
We make it to the mountains
Commander Woodage in the distance on our decent from the first mountain drive
Ed Ellis demonstrating the finer points of Petanque.Mmmm nice boule's

The great thing about the Alps is that wherever you stop for a wee you get such spectacular views

Jim gets a lesson in table football from Ben Brown
tartiflette night at la Chambre, but the next morning it was definitly tartifart
Smile dear this is one for the album
A highlight of the trip was the drive from France into Italy on the Hannibal Trail
Great view, but don't look down!
Fellow enthusiasts on the Hannibal Trail
Minor repair #1 Carb problems
The view on the way to Val d'Isere
Snow in August!
OK boys so you managed to cross, but how are you going to get back?
Mmm very tasty (I mean the V8 90 in the background)
I know I asked for a rare steak, but this one's still breathing!
Commander Nick homes in for a photo opportunity. Quick turn the spot lights on..
Youve seen it in all the mags now the HBRO pose on the Off road course at Val d'Isere
The air is so thin past 9000ft Hugh has trouble lighting a fag
Any excuse to get stuck
Jim learns the value of Diff Lock
Were gripped lets raft!
John was too scared of the horses so he chose the safe option
Hugh with his trusty steed 'Satan'
Dave opts for the Shetland pony
Real Action Men
I'm sure this wasn't in the Geneva tourist guide
Jim's toe jam removal service
John's wheel bearing in kit form
I thought we were well loaded until I saw this 101 in the services
Richard & Gill wrestling with the Skinner's airbed
Land Rover 1 Renault 0
Richard helps tow start a lorry full of illegal imigrants
Ahh the white cliffs come into view
EUD being towed of the ferry at Dover
What a way to end such a great holiday. Well at least it saved me a tank of fuel for the drive home


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